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Xloud: The Complete Infrastructure Platform

Cloud computing tools designed for developers and businesses with no vendor lock-in

CPU Pinning

Allocates dedicated CPU cores to virtual machines, ensuring dedicated processing resources.

Huge Pages

Enhance virtualized environments with larger memory page sizes to reduce memory management overhead.

GPU Compute

Leverages graphics processing units (GPUs) for parallel processing to accelerate compute-intensive workloads.

Bare Metal service

Provisioning physical servers providing flexibility, performance, and control for workloads.

Helping industries achieve
their goals

From Healthcare to Finance and AI to SaaS, Xloud’s personalized and robust cloud infrastructure empowers every business to innovate and acheive their business goals.

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Financial services

Xloud’s secure cloud platform empowers financial institutions to build trust and drive next-gen financial solutions

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Xloud equips educators with powerful cloud tools to enhance teaching and learning engagement

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Xloud’s secure, compliant cloud solutions that meet governmental mandates and deliver impactful results

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Analytics and Insights

Empower AI and machine learning ventures with Xloud’s high-performance cloud resources, from development to deployment

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Xloud strengthens healthcare with a secure cloud environment that improves data management and patient care

What makes Xloud dependable

Empowering businesses to scale economically and develop with confidence
for critical applications with the utmost confidence

Premium Performance

Leverage industry-leading processors from Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD, coupled with our hyper converged and Scalable infrastructure for a reliable and secure foundation

Immediate Support

Get immediate, 24/7/365 multilingual support via phone and chat. We ensure quick resolution and maximise your operational efficiency

Personalized Cloud Solution

We go beyond the ordinary, providing customised infrastructure built to your specific needs and applications - your success is our priority

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At Bevywise Networks, within the realms of the Internet of Things Server framework and Industry 4.0 applications, our hosted server application serves as a vital link in facilitating data exchange among various stakeholders in the IoT value chain. Xloud has proven indispensable, offering dependable instances, resilient data storage systems, and exceptional technical support. Their team adeptly caters to our dynamic hosting requirements, swiftly resolving any issues that arise.

Ranjith Diraviyam

Founder, CEO


They took the time to understand our needs and built a custom solution with the perfect GPUs for training our models. It not only helped us to accelerate in our product development, but at the same time helped us save huge monthly amount. Their support turnaround time has been fantastic. We are impressed with their dedication to our success!

Vibhu Agarwal

Founder, CEO


I have been using their VMs for a while and I am happy with the low latency I get from their infrastructure. I've experienced personally how great their customer support system is specially when I wanted customization with VMs for my product. And then they have a solid competitive pricing as well

Rahul Nanda

Founder, CEO


Migrating our software to a virtualized cloud environment was a big concern; our product hadn't been tested for such deployments. Fortunately, Xloud stepped in with their technological expertise. They guided us through the process, ensuring our software now runs flawlessly on the new platform. Their upfront support was invaluable, and the cost savings on software licensing have been a major win. We're grateful for their commitment to helping us navigate this crucial transition.

Ajit Kumar


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