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Virtual Private Server hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) represents a cutting-edge solution tailored to online businesses in pursuit of dependable and efficient server resources. With Virtual Private Server Hosting, enables enterprises to relish the advantages of a dedicated server while simultaneously refining their digital footprint. Let’s explore what Virtual Private Server Hosting is, its advantages, and how it compares to other hosting options.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized machine that hosts all the software and data necessary to run your website or applications. Unlike shared hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting offers dedicated resources within a server environment managed by a trusted provider. This means you have exclusive access to your allocated resources on the server.

Key Uses of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  1. Launch Web Applications: Virtual Private Server hosting is ideal for launching and running web applications. For instance, a gourmet meat store may utilise the VPS services proffered by Xloud Technologies to streamline inventory management, thereby augmenting operational efficiency and informed decision-making.
  2. Build Test Environments: Virtual Private Servers are perfect for developing and testing new applications cost-effectively. Numerous startups find solace in VPS environments, utilizing them as canvases for experimenting with fresh features and elevating search capabilities.
  3. Secondary Storage: VPS servers serve a dual purpose by functioning as secondary repositories for data files, serving as bastions of files, images, or email servers. This provides secure, accessible, and centralized storage for user groups.
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What Sets Virtual Private Server Hosting Apart?

Virtual Private Server hosting, offered by Xloud Technologies, stands out from other hosting options:

Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, multiple websites share resources on a single server, potentially impacting your website’s performance due to resource competition.

Dedicated Hosting: In the domain of dedicated hosting, exclusive access to an entire physical server is granted, guaranteeing peak performance but at an elevated cost.

VPS hosting bridges the gap. It compartmentalised a physical server, giving each user the perception of a dedicated server. This facilitates the enjoyment of dedicated resources while concurrently sharing the server infrastructure with other entities.

When to Consider Switching to Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you are currently using shared hosting and need to:

–  Efficiently manage surging website traffic.

– Customize applications and server configurations to your liking.

– Minimize server errors caused by resource limitations.

Then transitioning to Virtual Private Server hosting with Xloud Technologies is a logical choice.

Types of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  1. Unmanaged Virtual Private Server Hosting: Entrepreneurs and business proprietors shoulder the responsibility of overseeing server management duties, making it suitable for those with technical expertise or dedicated IT resources.
  2. Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting: Xloud Technologies takes care of server-related responsibilities, allowing you to focus on business growth without worrying about server maintenance.
  3. Semi-Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting: This intermediary option encompasses essential software installation and support services, encompassing updates, security enhancements, and proactive monitoring.

Is Virtual Private Server Hosting Secure and Reliable?

Yes, Virtual Private Server hosting encapsulates both security and dependability within its confines. Your VPS instance is isolated from other environments on the server, protecting your website from vulnerabilities of others. Furthermore, the fortifications of firewalls and antivirus software amplify security measures.

Speed and Reliability: Virtual Private Server hosting offers fast and reliable performance, thanks to its dedicated bandwidth and customizable configurations that serve to optimize the performance of applications.

Introducing Xloud Technologies

Xloud Technologies is a Best Cloud Storage Service company which focuses on the belief that technology should be accessible by all. Our homegrown cloud servers, proudly Made in India, set their sights on catering to myriads of startups, conglomerates, and professionals, all yearning to innovate and expand their business frontiers, not merely expeditiously but also economically. Our portfolio encompasses:

  1. VPS Infrastructure- Tailored for individuals looking to launch a Hosting/VPS business,underpinned by an industry-leading SLA boasting an uptime of 99.95%.
  2. Cloud Computing- For companies aiming to operate and expand their products, websites, or SaaS solutions
  3. Desktop Virtualization- Tailored for entities seeking efficient management of corporate operations through DaaS (Desktop as a Service).
  4. App Virtualization- For individuals interested in licensing their software to establish a recurring cash flow stream

Xloud Technologies Virtual Private Server Hosting

Xloud Technologies offers an easy-to-use VPS hosting solution that simplifies your cloud needs. Our VPS instances, powered by Xloud servers, deliver exceptional performance and reliability. You can launch operating systems, applications, and development stacks effortlessly, store static content securely, and manage web traffic efficiently.

Why Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting with Xloud Technologies

– Access to a team of professionals dedicated to server management.

– Round-the-clock support to minimize downtime.

– Optimized environment for performance and security.

– Allows your IT team to focus on your web application while Xloud Technologies handles hosting-related issues efficiently.

Make the smart choice for your online business—choose Xloud Technologies for the Best Virtual Private Server Hosting. Experience the benefits of dedicated virtual server hosting and elevate your online presence today.

Xloud Offerings for Virtual Machines (Cloud Computing Services)


Windows Price*

Linux Price*


2vCpu, 8ram

₹ 2,677 per month

₹ 1,976 per month


4vCpu, 16ram

₹ 5,354 per month

₹ 3,953 per month


8vCpu, 32ram

₹ 10,708 per month

₹ 7,906 per month


16vCpu, 64ram

₹ 21,416 per month

₹ 15,811 per month 


32vCpu, 128ram

₹ 42,833 per month

₹ 31,623 per month


48vCpu, 192ram

₹ 64,249 per month

₹ 47,434 per month


64vCpu, 256ram

₹ 85,665 per month

₹ 63,245 per month


96vCpu, 384ram

₹ 1,28,498 per month

₹ 94,868 per month


Windows Price*

Linux Price*


2vCpu, 16ram

₹ 3,154 per month

₹ 2,328 per month


4vCpu, 32ram

₹ 6,307 per month

₹ 4,656 per month


8vCpu, 64ram

₹ 12,614 per month

₹ 9,313 per month


16vCpu, 128ram

₹ 25,228 per month

₹ 18,625 per month


32vCpu, 256ram

₹ 50,456 per month

₹ 37,251 per month


48vCpu, 384ram

₹ 75,684 per month

₹ 55,876 per month 


64vCpu, 512ram

₹ 1,00,912 per month

₹ 74,502 per month


96vCpu, 768ram

₹ 1,51,368 per month

₹ 1,11,753 per month

 Pros of VPS Hosting:

1.Cost-Efficiency: VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting, making it suitable for businesses with budget constraints.


2.Scalability: VPS hosting allows you to easily scale your resources up or down as needed, accommodating growth without major disruptions.


3. Performance: VPS provides dedicated resources, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for your website or applications.


4.Control: You have greater control over server configurations, software installations, and security settings compared to shared hosting.


5.Isolation: VPS offers better security and privacy as your resources are isolated from other users on the same physical server.


6.Customization: You can customise your server environment to meet specific requirements, installing the software and applications you need.


7.Reliability: VPS hosting offers higher uptime and stability compared to shared hosting environments.


Cons of VPS Hosting:


1.Management Complexity: Managing a VPS server can be complex, requiring technical expertise. Some providers offer managed services to alleviate this.


2.Server Maintenance: As the VPS owner, you are responsible for server maintenance tasks like updates, security patches, and backups.


3.Resource Competition: In a multi-tenant VPS environment, heavy resource usage by one user can affect others on the same server, causing performance bottlenecks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

  • What is the VPS Hosting Service?

Xloud offers one of the best VPS Hosting Service because of its affordable plans, 24/7 support and uptime of 99.95%

  • Do I need VPS Hosting?

For any business that is growing and site traffic is increasing, you will definitely need to consider upgrading from a shared server to a VPS. In case you are planning to build a more complex website that shared hosting can’t support, then it will be necessary for you to opt for a VPS.

  • Is VPS Hosting secure?

VPS Hosting offers similar types of security measures that any other type of hosting service would provide. This includes measures like firewall safety, backup software, DDoS attack protection, server hardening and many other updates to scan for vulnerabilities. 

  • What is the difference between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting creates virtual server space with dedicated resources for each user in contrast to Shared Hosting that splits resources on a single server among many users. 

  • What is the difference between cloud hosting and VPS?

One of the major differences is that VPS Hosting is set up on a single server while Cloud hosting is set up on multiple networked physical servers. 

  • How many websites can be hosted with a VPS?

Technically, one can host as many websites as one likes on a VPS. The only limitation that should exist with your VPS is your total allotment of resources

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